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Written by Jewelry Expert, Jill Newman William Goldberg knew the secret to shaping a diamond’s fame and fortune. It requires passion, skill, and considerable risk to create a famous diamond. And there’s one more thing: Legendary stones are christened with a moniker that defines their legacy and records their place in the… Read More

Our annual preparations for the BASELWORLD fine jewelry and watch show started about six months ago, and although we are a well-oiled machine after being at the fair for over 25 years we are still busy getting ready just days before boarding our flights to Switzerland. In fact, as I write this post I can hear lots of… Read More

This is the first of many blogs that visitors can read in the William Goldberg blog. Our articles will be written on a number of subjects. However, we will be writing about the one item that we have a passion for; diamonds. After all, William Goldberg creates diamond jewelry. At the same time, we would like to address… Read More

Sotheby's set a record price for a pink diamond this week! We have seen and sold some amazing pink diamonds in the history of William Goldberg, but this one was a stone you see once in a lifetime if you are lucky! A 24 carat pink, "rose' " (as in a rose' wine) is how it has been described. $46 million dollars. It is nice… Read More

For anyone looking to buy an emerald cut or other shape eternity band, they must see the Ashoka band by William Goldberg. It is so beautiful, and puts all other bands to shame. The look is definitely bigger, the stones look whiter and, it is just breathtaking. So often a client calls looking for an emerald cut band, and… Read More

Every year The GIA awards the William Goldberg scholarship to one very deserving person who is looking to pursue a career in the diamond industry. We have been sponsoring this award since 2003, after the death of my father. He was a great proponent of education and of the great institution of the GIA, so it was befitting… Read More

It was just announced that Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth just got engaged. He gave her a magnificent Ashoka four carat ring. The setting is so understated and elegant just like Reese. We could not be happier or prouder to have her wearing an Ashoka. Jim is a fantastic guy and we wish them the very best of luck!!!!!… Read More

The Golden Globes

Actress Rashida Jones from the Golden Globe Nominated film The Social Network, dazzled in a 21 carat William Goldberg Diamond Aero Bracelet at the Art of Elysium ‘Heaven’ Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday evening. She paired her Diamond Aero Bracelet with Diamond Cluster Earrings and a Microset Three Row Diamond… Read More

Actress Rashida Jones from the movie The Social Network (which won a few Golden Globes last night) dazzled in  a 21 carat William Goldberg Diamond Aero Bracelet last night, cluster earrings and a three row microset diamond bracelet. She looked just fabulous in these pieces! … Read More

["Reese was just in Berlin shown wearing her Ashoka engagement ring! So nice to see her looking so happy and beautiful. She is marrying a great guy and he has great taste- not only choosing her, but choosing the Ashoka for her.Ashoka means \"removal of sorrow\" and this ring will surely do away with any sorrow she may have… Read More

Here is a letter that I received from a wonderful, loyal client,Dear Eve...OMG!  What else is there to say to describe my fantastic new necklace that you have created for me.  It is so very amazing to think that this is actually mine.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined owning something so extravagant!  My… Read More

I was able to see a  glimpse of what will be coming up at the Christie's auction of Liz Taylor's jewels, and it is spectacular!!! This is a collection of jewelery that is beyond belief, and every piece comes with a story. It is just amazing the beautiful collection she amassed over her lifetime. She was gifted jewelry by… Read More

Fashion Week in New York City- fantastic fashion............stunning models................ slicked back hair................naked ears! It just kills me to see these models walking the runway with their hair behind their ears and not even a pair of diamond studs to be found. I know that it is about the designer and… Read More

I guess we feel this way every year, but I cannot believe that it is already Thanksgiving! Before you know it Christmas is here, and New Years and we will be into the year 2012. Amazing..............But what a wonderful time of year this is. Being on Fifth Avenue (on William Goldberg Way) right near Rockefeller Center and… Read More

Just got back from a fantastic trip to Hong Kong, where I met with our Ashoka partners over at the Madia shops. There was such an enthusiasm for the Ashoka cut and an excitement for selling the Ashoka. Most people in that part of the world buy only round diamonds and had never heard of the Ashoka. Well, our good friends at… Read More

December 1st- it's officially the month of holidays! This morning, the first real cold morning here in New York City, I passed by Rockefeller Center and got a glimpse of the annual Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, lit up in all it's glory. What a sight to behold!Of course, when I see the most famous tree in New York City… Read More

Part of the reason that I love the holidays is the wow factor! The glistening trees with lights, the candles that light and the festive clothes we wear to those holiday parties. So it’s no wonder that I love glittery earrings. Not overly indulgent sparkly, but just enough to wow and pop! I love my simple studs. I love how… Read More

I love a big chunky piece of jewelry. I love the idea of a heavy metal setting with beaufiul diamond. So of course, it's no doubt that I love this Palladium Cuff Bracelet from William Goldberg. The cuff bracelet has a rough, raw metal feel to it, with completely breathtaking stones, including the ever so elegant and rare… Read More

Diamond bracelets and earrings were seen on celebrities at the Golden Globes the other night. Sofia Vergara was stunning in her stacked diamond bracelets from Harry Winston. That is the way to wear jewelry!!The one thing I noticed that was missing was great diamond necklaces. It seems they were not in fashion this year.… Read More

All I want for the holidays is …………………….this amazing Ashoka Diamond Watch!!!In life, especially around the holidays, we have our “wants” and our “needs”. When it comes to this watch, I feel like the lines are blurred.I want it, and yet the want is so great, I really feel it has become a “need”!!!The market is saturated… Read More

December is the one month that requires several different types of outfits. There are the festive holiday party dresses, the work appropriate holiday luncheons, shopping for gifts and of course, the post-festivities relaxation.Well…of course, you must have tons of jewelry to wear to each of these events. But, if you can’t… Read More

Everybody loves to come to Rockefeller Center to see the beautiful Christmas tree, and it is a sight to behold, but a Menorah can really be a work of art. The menorah is not only a thing of beauty with its seven branched candelabra, but the “festival of lights” has a beautiful significance as well. It is the celebration of… Read More

Elizabeth Taylor

Down the street from William Goldberg Way is Rockefeller Center,  a happening place this time of the year, with all of the excitement surrounding the tree and the store windows. But,this week there is so much more to look forward to! This is the week that Christie’s auctions off all of the Elizabeth Taylor collection.… Read More

You are never too young to start wearing diamonds, and Olivia has certainly learned this first-hand!! Here she is modeling her William Goldberg diamond medallion necklace. While this bauble may be a bit much for her tiny frame, she loved every minute of wearing it!!!Had to pry the necklace out of her tiny… Read More

Here is the perfect Ashoka jewelry gift for the holidays- it is a new Ashoka bracelet that we like to call casual bling!!! This piece can be worn with a pair of jeans or dressed up to go out for New Years!We at William Goldberg just love this new bracelet- it is available in either yellow or white gold, can be mixed with… Read More

Miss China

Here we are with Miss China at the Dragon Week event held at the Empire State Building last week. She is absolutely beautiful and elegant and a lovely person. We could not get over the fact that she was over 6 feet tall. She carried herself with such grace! How fantastic would she look bejeweled with Ashoka!!!… Read More

Saul in London

[caption id="attachment_606" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Saul in front of an Ashoka billboard in London"][/caption]Saul just got back from London where he spent a few days at the Boodles tennis tournament at Stoke Park Country Club in Buckinghampshire.  Ashoka, Ashoka, Ashoka!!! Saul had his fill of amazing… Read More

Client testimonial

Here is an email I received from a client the other day. She received an Ashoka trilogy ring for her engagement and would have nothing but a matching Ashoka band, which she got as a "push" gift! Here is what she said:I can't even explain to you how in LOVE I am with my gorgeous Ashoka wedding band. It is absolutely… Read More

It is said that the Ashoka brings joy into people's lives. I helped a client who wanted to move on with her life. She traded in her original engagement ring and bought herself a gorgeous platinum twin Ashoka ring.Here is what she had to say............I LOVE my ring!!!!  I had flashbacks to being newly engaged last night… Read More

On the ear "stud style" earrings seem to be very popular these days, as was seen on some big stars last night at the SAGS. Jennifer Lawrence looked gorgeous in an elegant diamond necklace, and simple diamond stud earrings. We at William Goldberg love the look, but the stud on a wire with some embellishment is a fantastic… Read More

This was one of the best and funniest thank yous I have ever received from a satisfied client........."I have to start my thank you with a complaint: this William Goldberg  diamond ring is so stunning that I can't stop looking at it, which is distracting. I find that when I am supposed to be working I will be looking at… Read More

This is one of those topics I can talk about endlessly, and with the Oscars coming this weekend, and everyone focused on "who is wearing what" this is a hot topic.I just read that Lindsay Lohan had borrowed a very expensive beaded gown for an event, and it ripped. She went ahead and borrowed a pair of scissors, and she and… Read More

Some very pretty, delicate diamond necklaces seen at the Oscars, but for  every ten " who are you wearing" about the gowns, there was one " whose jewelry are you wearing"? That always frustrates me but at the end of the day what is important is that the celebrities be seen wearing important, beautiful diamond jewelry.… Read More

The Diamond Empowerment Fund is an international non-profit organization that supports education initiatives in diamond producing countries. The Good Awards which were held at Lavo were awarded to diamond industry legends and Leo Schachter was one of them. Here we are, Saul, and myself, with Eliot Tannenbaum of Leo… Read More

I had to make a choice as to what jewelry to wear for my wedding. A difficult choice for a girl with so many options, a vault full of the most amazing diamond jewelry to rival Harry Winston or Cartier! But of course my choice would be only Ashoka jewelry, unique, special, something to bring even more joy to my life!I am an… Read More

Joel and Lauren were just friends. They met in the 7th grade in Mrs. Smiths geography class, and they remained best friends for over 20 years. They were always there for each other through the trials and tribulations of life, helping each other through every unsuccessful relationship, and always there to pick up the pieces… Read More

Who doesn’t love a good beach read? Over the holiday weekend I downloaded The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan, a fictional account of the passing of a diamond engagement ring among four couples from the 1930s to the present day as well as the story behind how the famed ‘A Diamond Is Forever’ slogan came to be and the… Read More

I came across a CNBC story recently about the current state of buying diamonds for investment purposes, a trend that has piqued the interest of high net worth individuals worldwide over the past several years as well those looking for a safe place to put their money during these uncertain economic times. The article takes… Read More

When it comes to jewelry for fall/winter 2013, it’s all about versatility. The collections in New York, London, Milan and Paris featured an eclectic mix of fine and fashion pieces that can seamlessly take you from day to night, dressy to casual. Here’s a quick round up of our favorite versatile diamond looks of the season.… Read More

With summer officially behind us, I’m already thinking about places where I can escape to during the winter months. Conde Nast Traveler’s round-up of the Destinations to watch in 2013 has provided me with some out of the box travel ideas (a ski trip in India?), and there are certain spots that have been on my travel bucket… Read More

One thing I’ve learned in my many years in the diamond business: jewelry trends may come and go, but diamonds are always in style. They are timeless, tasteful, and appropriate no matter the occasion...truly a ‘must have’ for stylish women throughout the globe.  That’s why I always encourage friends and clients to look at… Read More

Paris Fashion Week marks the end of ‘fashion month’, a four week stretch of the spring/summer 2014 designer shows in New York, London and Milan, with the fashion capital as the final stop. I’ve been studying the collections online this week (The Huffington Post offers a great round-up of the most influential shows if you… Read More

The past six months have certainly been an exciting time for fine jewelry aficionados, myself included. In May, we saw the sale of the “Winston Legacy” for $26.7 million, the most ever paid for a white diamond, at a Christie’s auction in Geneva. However, it didn’t take very long for that record to be broken. On Monday… Read More

I always love reading about how certain celebrities and influencers entertain in their homes, so I thought it would be fun to share what a typical dinner party thrown by my husband and I would be like. Autumn in New York is my favorite time of year and with this mild weather we have been having, outdoors is our favorite… Read More

How I Stay Fit

It's 7:08 am at Barry’s Boot Camp in TriBeCa. There are 35 twenty somethings texting, tweeting and chatting waiting for the class doors to open. I look around and feel pretty good about myself knowing I am twice the age of most of these young men and women and yet I will be keeping up with all of them for the next hour.… Read More

Time Change

The first weekend in November is always a big one for New Yorkers, the city bursting with energy and excitement leading up to the New York City Marathon. Lucky for us - and the runners - we also gain an hour of sleep courtesy of Daylight Saving Time, which officially ends on Sunday, November 3 at 2:00 AM.  Since 2007,… Read More


Beginning November 20th, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will host a retrospective of the works of Joel Arthur Rosenthal, titled Jewels by JAR. Considered one of history’s greatest jewelers, the JAR exhibition will be the first devoted to a contemporary artist of gems at the Met, and the first time an exhibition… Read More

Giving Back

Every year right before Thanksgiving, a wonderful charity called Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl holds their annual dinner, which took place last night. CCOC is a not-for-profit organization that evacuates children from the radioactive Chernobyl region and provides them with critical medical care, advanced medical… Read More

Holiday Style

There is nothing like the Holidays in New York. My family and I celebrated a wonderful Thanksgivika(!) last week and lit the Chanukah candles on William Goldberg Way. There was magic in the air on Wednesday evening as the Rockefeller Center tree was lit for the 81st time just around the corner from our offices. And, before… Read More

The red carpet season officially kicks off with the Golden Globes broadcast this Sunday. I’ve been reading up about style predictions for who will wear what this year, and with fashion A-listers such as Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock and Kate Winslet as nominees I am sure we are in for a treat. I’m also excited to see if… Read More

Each spring the luxury watch and fine jewelry worlds migrate to Basel, Switzerland, known for its many theaters and historic museums. Since 1917, the city has played host to the largest international watch and jewelry show now known as BASELWORLD.  William Goldberg made its official debut at Basel over 25 years ago. It… Read More

Considered one of the most influential diamond jewelry houses of the twentieth century, William Goldbergʼs unmatched contributions to the world of fine jewelry live on today through his family. William’s wife, Lili, son, Saul, daughter, Eve, son-in-law, Barry Berg and grandson Benjamin Goldberg continue this legendary… Read More

The global expansion of the ASHOKA® diamond is something that continues to excite me, especially when I get to see its impact first-hand, halfway across the world. I was recently invited by Grant Partridge to attend the 150th anniversary of Partridge Jewellers, New Zealandʼs premier luxury jeweler for six generations. We… Read More

Welcome to 2015!

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year to our friends and clients around the world. Everyone at William Goldberg sends our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your continued support. It is your valued partnerships that allow us to build our business around the globe. I recently visited one of those partners in the United… Read More

Some events just leave you speechless. The Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition is one of them. It’s hard to find the words to describe one of the most prestigious jewelry fairs in the world. This “invitation-only” event, held annually in the capital of Qatar, is made up of the very best, biggest and most beautiful… Read More

We’re always amazed by the interest shown in the famous diamonds that William Goldberg has touched throughout the years. So, over the next few months, we’re going to share some of our family’s stories with you. One of the most incredible, and improbable, is the story of the Premier Rose. The year is 1978. The setting is… Read More

The incredible story of the Guinea Star is the second installment in our series about the famous diamonds that William Goldberg has touched over the years. If there was ever a prime example of Bill Goldberg’s risk-taking nature, keen intuition and fearless determination, this is it. When the 255-carat rough was discovered… Read More

We all know the story of the fairy godmother who turned a pumpkin into a beautiful coach. Well, this is the story of how William Goldberg turned an ugly piece of brown rough into a magnificent pumpkin. The Pumpkin Diamond is one of the most beautiful colored diamonds in the world – a Fancy Vivid Orange 5.54-carat… Read More

Of all the descriptors given to diamonds – and there are a lot of them – “pink” has to be the rarest. Maybe that’s because true pink diamonds occur in nature only about .000001 percent of the time. And a diamond as large, vivid and spectacular as The Pink Muse has happened only once. We were fortunate enough to purchase… Read More

Imagine having a diamond named after you. Not just any diamond, but one of the world’s most spectacular blue diamonds. That was the touching honor given to our mother, Lili, by our father, William Goldberg. You see, it was her birthday, and what better gift could a world-renowned jeweler give his wife than to name one of… Read More

Next month’s sale of the “Lesedi La Rona,” the second largest diamond ever discovered, has the whole diamond world buzzing. Roughly the size of a tennis ball, it is so large that it doesn’t fit into the conventional scanners used to evaluate a gem’s value. One can only speculate on the size and quality of the finished… Read More

The name sounds like it belongs to a superhero. Instead, it belongs to a diamond of legendary and heroic stature.  The Red Shield. Just as every superhero has a backstory that explains the origin of their super powers, so too does the Red Shield. Unearthed in the jungles of Brazil, the extraordinarily rare and intensely… Read More

Whether set into the crown of the world’s most famous monarch, or suspended at the end of a magnificent diamond necklace, a briolette diamond commands attention. Created in India centuries ago, the briolette shape is a modified double-rose cut, with a pointed tip and rounded bottom. Its water-drop shape is entirely covered… Read More

Some things were meant to be. We have been friends with the Kwiat family for decades. So when Ben Goldberg and Russell Kwiat (the third and fourth generations of our families) reconnected, it was only natural that a beautiful new alliance was formed. Because we share more than a friendship – we share a passion. We believe… Read More

At William Goldberg, few moments create a thrill quite like the one that comes when one of our signature jewelry pieces is listed for sale at one of the world’s great auction houses. Christie’s. Bonhams. Tiancheng. These names stir the imagination, and having William Goldberg jewelry featured by them is a testament to the… Read More

Our father, William Goldberg, had a way with words. He could speak volumes about diamonds, the meaning of life and his family in a single sentence. We have sprinkled a few of his most memorable quotes throughout our website, to share his brilliant insights with you. But of all his favorite sayings, there are six words… Read More

Give the gift that will be cherished forever. Give the extraordinary gift of diamonds. Let us help you find that perfect expression of beauty and joy.  Create a uniquely chic look with the classic elegance of the ASHOKA® Diamond Pendant Necklaces.    The exquisite and timeless Fancy Shape Diamond Chandelier Earrings are… Read More

Since 2015, we’ve posted a series of remarkable stories on the House of Goldberg blog about the world-famous diamonds that have been cut, polished and perfected here at William Goldberg. This year, we’ll be sharing the fascinating stories of our strategic partners around the world, whose boutiques proudly represent our… Read More

It is a long way from New York to New Zealand. So far that even if you could travel there in an instant, it would still be tomorrow when you arrived. But once you’re there, distance becomes irrelevant, because this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. For over 150 years, Partridge Jewellers has added to the… Read More

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, with almost twice the number of skyscrapers than New York. Yet three quarters of its 420 square miles is rural – with beautiful parks, scenic hills, woodlands, reservoirs and magnificent coastline stretching across more than 200 islands. This spectacular… Read More

Mensch is the Yiddish term for a person of integrity and honor. It is also the word that perfectly describes our mother, grandmother, great grandmother and family matriarch, Lili Goldberg. Lili embodies the American Dream. Both her father and mother were born in Russia and immigrated to America in the late 1920s. The… Read More

A Rose Blossoms

This being June, we thought it was the perfect time to celebrate the recent marriage of our beautiful Rose, daughter of Saul and Dale Goldberg. We asked Rose to share her memories of that special day. How did you and Josh first meet? We already knew each other because he and my brother Sam were friends. I hadn’t seen him… Read More

Sometimes, the simplest memories from your childhood can have a tremendous impact on your life. We all remember our Mom and Dad, Lili and Bill Goldberg, sitting at the kitchen table in our home. But it wasn’t mealtime. It was a time of giving. You see, they would routinely sit down and write checks to a number of… Read More

What a difference a year makes. Last September, we were thrilled to announce that we had chosen Kwiat as the U.S. distributor of our patented ASHOKA® diamonds. This beautiful alliance began with rave reviews at the 2016 Couture jewelry show in Las Vegas. And it keeps getting better. After just one year, there are now over… Read More

This month’s blog is dedicated to the remarkable recipients of the William Goldberg GIA Scholarship Fund. Created in 2004 to honor our father and legendary diamantaire, William Goldberg, this annual scholarship awards $10,000 to a deserving student to be used toward any on-campus GIA gemology program. The Gemological… Read More

Who will sparkle on the red carpet at this year’s Oscars? What extraordinary pieces of jewelry will take our breath away? Two of the country’s top fashion and style editors share their predictions. Here’s what to watch for on Sunday, March 4, when Hollywood’s glitterati truly glitters. Marion Fasel Founder and Editorial… Read More

It began as an audacious idea – create a totally new kind of gem and jewelry show. Organized by industry experts, and highly specialized. Focused on integrity and quality, innovation and ingenuity.The first ever GemGenève was the right idea, in the right place, at the right time. Held May 10-13, it was just ahead of both… Read More

Discover the story of two jewelry dynasties, half a world apart, who share the same passion, the same values and the same love for an exceptional diamond – ASHOKA®.   … Read More

We are honored to be featured in the June issue of Telegraph Luxury with our longtime partner Boodles, exclusive U.K. distributor of our proprietary ASHOKA® diamond. Our master cutter William Lopez, who has been with our family’s company for over 25 years, is featured in this wonderful article. William cuts thousands of… Read More

Wonderful news. We are excited and proud to announce that Wempe, one of the world’s premier jewelers, is officially the exclusive retail partner throughout Germany for ASHOKA®. But that’s just the headline. The real story lies in the values, beliefs and friendships shared by two families. Families with strong, confident… Read More

Famous diamonds almost always come with a story. Our proprietary diamond cut, the ASHOKA®, is no exception. Rahul Kadakia, the international head of jewelry at Christie’s, has called it “a legend in the world of diamonds, named in honor of Ashoka Maurya, the Buddhist warrior emperor who ruled during one of the greatest… Read More

The Diamond Makers  Click here to watch Dealers Among Dealers on Amazon Prime The ‘80s was a decade of extremes. A time of “big hair” and big shoulder pads. Punk rock on the radio, Miami Vice on TV, and Top Gun at the movies. New York City was a very different place then. And at its heart, the city’s Diamond District was… Read More

William Goldberg is featured in JCK magazine's latest story on the global demand for Argyle pink diamonds as the mine prepares to cease production at the end of 2020. Click on the image below to read the full story. … Read More

Diamonds give you a lift, no matter what you're wearing. Even while working from home in gym clothes, Vivienne Becker says, add a punctuation mark. “I love staying home over the holidays anyway, not having to go out or dress up, but this year of course everything will be different and turning it all on its head. I’m… Read More

For Katerina Perez, when it comes to making a dazzling fashion statement, more is absolutely more. "For me, it is all about a dazzling stack of diamond bracelets this holiday season! More is more, ladies and gentlemen! When it comes to having something special on one's wrist, bracelets with different diamond carat… Read More

Even if you’re not leaving home, why not light up your face? Jill Newman doesn’t feel dressed without a pair of earrings. "I don’t feel dressed without a pair of earrings. No matter what the occasion, I love to put on diamond earrings because they light up the face. This holiday season, I’ll be at home and even if I’m… Read More

I am an owner and the self-appointed archivist at William Goldberg. The other day, I was going through some older files and came across something I’d written in 2006 – my foray into the world of diamond cutting! I was definitely the first female to ever actually polish a diamond in our factory, and I thought it would be an… Read More

In celebration of Father’s Day, we’d like to reflect on our founder and father, William Goldberg, and the enormous change he was a part of – in the diamond industry, and in our family. Dad grew up on Tiffany Street in the Bronx, an omen of the impact he would come to have on New York’s Diamond District. His family wasn’t… Read More

Written by Jewelry Expert, Jill Newman Here’s why everyone is falling in love with the ASHOKA® diamond. What makes the ASHOKA® diamond different from other diamonds? One look at the beautifully elongated stone with it’s shimmering sparkle, and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most coveted gems. It’s graceful,… Read More

Written by Jewelry Expert, Jill Newman These are the diamond jewels that you will never take off.  Diamond jewelry is on everyone’s holiday wish list. It’s sentimental, precious, and a stylish and sparkling luxury accessory.  But not every diamond is the same: The trademarked ASHOKA® diamond has 62 uniquely arranged facets… Read More

No matter where you’re headed this season, be sure to always take along the essential accessory. ASHOKA® Diamond Adorned Stud Earrings and Pendant and ASHOKA® Diamond Sideways Pendant Diamonds make the perfect traveling companions. Stylish. Sophisticated. Fun. And always fashionable. ASHOKA® Diamond Bindi Bracelets and… Read More

Eve Goldberg shares her thoughts on brown diamonds making a comeback. Click here to read more from the Natural Diamond Council on this new trend in diamonds.  Excerpt from the Natural Diamond Council: One visionary diamantaire who recognized the unique beauty of brown diamonds decades ago was the pioneering William… Read More

Published in The New York Times International edition, Eve Goldberg reminisces on a macle diamond jewelry moment from the 2007 Academy Awards red carpet. In collaboration with L'Wren Scott, William Goldberg created a pair of stunning macle diamond cuffs for Nicole Kidman. Click here to read more. Excerpt from The New… Read More

The Pumpkin Diamond is one of the most rare diamonds ever to be discovered - a Fancy Vivid Orange 5.54-carat cushion cut showstopper.  Only Natural Diamonds takes an in-depth look at orange diamonds and William Goldberg's famous Pumpkin Diamond. Click here to read more. Discover the full story of how William Goldberg… Read More

This holiday, elevate your style with glamorous jewels. From intimate parties to glittering galas, what better way to dress for the season than with beautiful diamonds and precious gemstones.Treasured Diamond Classics & Holiday Statements Discover a few of our essential diamond statements, from breathtaking diamond… Read More

Dear friends and colleagues, As a lifelong passionate supporter of our beloved industry and president of William Goldberg, it’s time to get real. About diamonds. A world full of artificial things needs something genuine to believe in. I have tremendous respect for the commitment of pioneers in the diamond industry like… Read More

This year, bezel-set jewelry is having a modern moment. While this trend may bring back memories of your mother’s jewel-toned jewelry from the ‘80s, it has returned in refined designs. Today’s celebrities and style icons are sporting bezel-set jewelry on and off the red carpet. At the 2022 Gotham Awards, actress Lupita… Read More

We are proud to be featured in Only Natural Diamond's inaugural magazine! Click here to see the full story on why 70s style jewelry is making a comeback. Necklace: Cushion Cut Chakra Onyx Pendant Bracelet: ASHOKA Oval Three-Link Bracelet Ring: ASHOKA® Diamond Sideways Eternity Band Bracelet: ASHOKA® Diamond Amour… Read More

An Unforgettable Westhampton Proposal Fourth of July weekend, Westhampton, Long Island. It's here that Donald Jr. Denihan and Tiffany Trilli penned an extraordinary chapter of their love story. Truly a unique proposal, one that required a steady hand and the strength of a Ziploc bag! Donald and Tiffany’s story begins in… Read More


William Goldberg以世界上最令人驚歎的鑽石而聞名。我們的大師們為創造精緻美麗的鑽石首飾奉獻一生,其無與倫比的卓越標準也廣為人知。威廉·戈德堡總喜歡說:「你不該侵犯一顆鑽石美麗的權利。」我們的珠寶恰恰應證了威廉·戈德堡對鑽石的理念。… Read More

William Goldberg是歷史上最著名寶石的代名詞。該公司的大師們為創造精緻美麗的鑽石首飾奉獻一生,其無與倫比的卓越標準也廣為人知。創辦人威廉·戈德堡總喜歡說:「你不該侵犯一顆鑽石美麗的權利。」這些卓越的著名珠寶正是威廉·戈德堡鑽石理念的美好詮釋。… Read More

威廉·戈德堡出生在布隆克斯區的蒂芙尼(Tiffany)大街上。人們可能會認為這是巧合,但這也許正是他這一生與鑽石結緣並開創了偉大事業的預兆。 在他那卓越的天賦與本能的指引下,威廉·戈德堡開創了這一為人們日常生活帶來快樂的事業。今天,提到Goldberg之名,人們就會想到精美的鑽石珠寶。 他這傳奇的一生可用六個字來概括:The Magic is in the Make.™ 對於戈德堡而言,切割,即「Make」,是一顆鑽石最重要的品質。這已成為他的熱情之源和畢生理念。… Read More

William Goldberg以世界上最令人驚歎的鑽石而聞名。我們的大師們為創造精緻美麗的鑽石首飾奉獻一生,其無與倫比的卓越標準也廣為人知。威廉·戈德堡總喜歡說:「你不該侵犯一顆鑽石美麗的權利。」我們ASHOKA®珠寶系列恰恰應證了威廉·戈德堡對鑽石的理念。… Read More

數十年來,William Goldberg這一名稱一直是最高鑽石標準的代名詞。我們還以保持最高的商業道德和責任感而聞名。 我們在營運中所依據的實踐守則確保我們符合最高的道德行為標準。這不僅包括我們經營業務的方式,還包括我們從供應商和客戶那裡期望達到的標準。 William Goldberg信仰道德、社會和環境責任。我們以負責任商業慣例的國際標準為基礎。我們已經建立、實施並保持了一系列盡職調查程序。這些涉及我們企業的方方面面,包括人權、健康與安全、工作條件、在反貪腐方面的努力,以及最大程度減少對環境的影響。 Goldberg家族致力於打造世界上最美麗的鑽石以及迷人的珠寶首飾。透過兌現 "The Magic is in the Make"™… Read More

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