A Special Message from Saul Goldberg

Goldberg Family

Dear friends and colleagues,

As a lifelong passionate supporter of our beloved industry and president of William Goldberg, it’s time to get real. About diamonds.

A world full of artificial things needs something genuine to believe in. I have tremendous respect for the commitment of pioneers in the diamond industry like Tiffany, Winston, Graff and my father, William Goldberg, who have shown the world that genuine diamond jewelry is beautiful, timeless and true.

Real diamonds, millions of years in the making, are not only tangible assets, but also works of art. They have been appreciated and coveted by mankind for centuries. They have a history and pedigree that others do not. They are originals. Each and every one.

For three generations, William Goldberg has procured the finest rough available, creating breathtaking diamond jewelry that has come to define luxury, timeless style and elegance. Our family believes in the lasting value of diamonds.

With my best wishes for a successful and healthy 2023,

Saul Goldberg