Ashoka eternity bands

For anyone looking to buy an emerald cut or other shape eternity band, they must see the Ashoka band by William Goldberg. It is so beautiful, and puts all other bands to shame. The look is definitely bigger, the stones look whiter and, it is just breathtaking. So often a client calls looking for an emerald cut band, and they have never seen or heard of the Ashoka. Once they see the Ashoka band, its all over for the emerald cut! It will pale by comparison. The Ashoka cut is such a divine diamond cut, and looks great set in so many ways, but the bands are just one great example of the beauty of the cut. One of the wonderful things about the Ashoka is that it is limited in production. They are very difficult to cut and to find the rough is a herculean task taken by Saul and Barry. They comb the world to find suitable rough for cutting the Ashoka. Once we do find the rough and cut the diamonds, putting together the stones matching in size, color and clarity, is a very difficult task. The end product is wonderful, and rare, and people love to wear something so special and unique.