Anchored in Love: An Unforgettable Westhampton Proposal

Fourth of July weekend, Westhampton, Long Island. It’s here that Donald Denihan Jr. and Tiffany Trilli penned an extraordinary chapter of their love story. Truly a unique proposal, one that required a steady hand and the strength of a Ziploc bag!

Tiffany and Donald Jr Engagement 2

Donald and Tiffany’s story begins in sunny Florida where their love for boating and the open sea brought them together. Fast forward to 2022, they were celebrating Independence Day with their family in the summer paradise of Westhampton. But this wasn’t going to be just another holiday; Donald had a special surprise hiding in his pocket.

Let’s set the scene: beautiful blue waters, sprawling estates that seem like they’re out of a movie set, hydrangeas in full bloom and our couple in the middle of it all, about to make a memory that will last a lifetime.

Tiffany and Donald Jr Engagement 4

The whole family finds themselves in the bay out on the boat, hands diving into the sea for clams. Amid the family’s summer activity, Donald calls Tiffany over to a sandbar. Standing waist-deep in water, Donald pulls out a plastic Ziploc bag from his pocket. Yes, a plastic bag. But wait for it - inside that bag is a blue ring box (not even a bit wet!). When he opens the box, inside is a stunning cushion-cut diamond ring with two tapered baguette side diamonds from none other than William Goldberg.

Tiffany and Donald Jr Engagement 5

In the middle of the bay, Tiffany's completely taken aback, her heart pounding with joy, and why wouldn't she be? Who expects a proposal while clamming, after all? She later admitted, “I can’t believe Donald pulled this off! Clearly one of the best days of my life!”

I can’t believe Donald pulled this off! Clearly one of the best days of my life!

Now about that ring. Donald, along with the advice of his mom, carefully chose and customized it based on Tiffany's hints over the years, adding a personal touch to the design. Eve Goldberg and the designers at William Goldberg, were all hands-on deck in creating this one-of-a-kind symbol of love, resulting in the ring that makes Tiffany's heart skip a beat every time she looks at it.

Tiffany Engagement Ring