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The Diamond of Legend®

William Goldberg had a unique talent for transforming rough stones into legendary gems. But one day, he came upon a diamond that was already a legend. Pulled from a long forgotten mine in India’s famed Golconda region. Cut by an unknown artist of remarkable skill. The Ashoka diamond was named in honor of one of the most powerful and benevolent rulers the world has ever known.

William Goldberg was more than merely dazzled by the original Ashoka diamond. He was inspired by it, creating a cut so unique and distinctive, it was granted its very own patent.

A Diamond Without Equal

It takes a special piece of rough to become an ASHOKA® diamond. Fewer than one percent measure up to the exacting standards. The rough must be larger and longer than most. The cut has to be precise and true to the qualities of the stone. The polish must meet unparalleled standards of excellence.

With its distinctive cut and 62 facets,
the ASHOKA® diamond appears
30 percent larger than an emerald
cut diamond of the same carat size.

There is only one ASHOKA® diamond. First introduced by William Goldberg in 1999, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has recognized its distinctiveness by issuing a federal trademark registration covering the configuration of the stone. It is exclusive. It is extraordinary. And it cannot be duplicated. The Diamond of Legend.®

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