Published in The New York Times International edition, Eve Goldberg reminisces on a macle diamond jewelry moment from the 2007 Academy Awards red carpet. In collaboration with L'Wren Scott, William Goldberg created a pair of stunning macle diamond cuffs for Nicole Kidman. Click here to read more. Excerpt from The… Read More

Eve Goldberg shares her thoughts on brown diamonds making a comeback. Click here to read more from the Natural Diamond Council on this new trend in diamonds.  Excerpt from the Natural Diamond Council: One visionary diamantaire who recognized the unique beauty of brown diamonds decades ago was the pioneering William… Read More

No matter where you’re headed this season, be sure to always take along the essential accessory. ASHOKA® Diamond Adorned Stud Earrings and Pendant and ASHOKA® Diamond Sideways Pendant Diamonds make the perfect traveling companions. Stylish. Sophisticated. Fun. And always fashionable. ASHOKA® Diamond Bindi Bracelets and ASHOKA® Diamond Sideways Eternity Band… Read More

Written by Jewelry Expert, Jill Newman William Goldberg knew the secret to shaping a diamond’s fame and fortune. It requires passion, skill, and considerable risk to create a famous diamond. And there’s one more thing: Legendary stones are christened with a moniker that defines their legacy and records their place in the… Read More

Written by Jewelry Expert, Jill Newman These are the diamond jewels that you will never take off.  Diamond jewelry is on everyone’s holiday wish list. It’s sentimental, precious, and a stylish and sparkling luxury accessory.  But not every diamond is the same: The trademarked ASHOKA® diamond has 62 uniquely arranged… Read More

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