In celebration of Father’s Day, we’d like to reflect on our founder and father, William Goldberg, and the enormous change he was a part of – in the diamond industry, and in our family. Dad grew up on Tiffany Street in the Bronx, an omen of the impact he would… Read More

I am an owner and the self-appointed archivist at William Goldberg. The other day, I was going through some older files and came across something I’d written in 2006 – my foray into the world of diamond cutting! I was definitely the first female to ever actually polish a diamond in… Read More

Even if you’re not leaving home, why not light up your face? Jill Newman doesn’t feel dressed without a pair of earrings. "I don’t feel dressed without a pair of earrings. No matter what the occasion, I love to put on diamond earrings because they light up the face. This… Read More

For Katerina Perez, when it comes to making a dazzling fashion statement, more is absolutely more. "For me, it is all about a dazzling stack of diamond bracelets this holiday season! More is more, ladies and gentlemen! When it comes to having something special on one's wrist, bracelets with different… Read More

Diamonds give you a lift, no matter what you're wearing. Even while working from home in gym clothes, Vivienne Becker says, add a punctuation mark. “I love staying home over the holidays anyway, not having to go out or dress up, but this year of course everything will be different… Read More

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