We are proud to be featured in Only Natural Diamond's inaugural magazine! Click here to see the full story on why 70s style jewelry is making a comeback. Necklace: Cushion Cut Chakra Onyx Pendant Bracelet: ASHOKA® Diamond Oval Three-Link Bracelet Ring: ASHOKA® Diamond Sideways Eternity Band Bracelet: ASHOKA® Diamond… Read More

This year, bezel set jewelry is having a modern moment. While this trend may bring back memories of your mother’s jewel-toned jewelry from the ‘80s, it has returned in refined designs. Today’s celebrities and style icons are sporting bezel set jewelry on and off the red carpet. At the 2022 Gotham Awards, actress Lupita… Read More

Dear friends and colleagues, As a lifelong passionate supporter of our beloved industry and president of William Goldberg, it’s time to get real. About diamonds. A world full of artificial things needs something genuine to believe in. I have tremendous respect for the commitment of pioneers in the diamond industry like… Read More