Jewelry Historian, Vivienne Becker’s Wish List

Diamonds give you a lift, no matter what you're wearing. Even while working from home in gym clothes, Vivienne Becker says, add a punctuation mark.

“I love staying home over the holidays anyway, not having to go out or dress up, but this year of course everything will be different and turning it all on its head. I’m looking forward to staying home but dressing up – just making a bit of an effort, as like most people, I’ve been in my gym clothes, or old clothes, or dog-walking clothes since March!! (NOT THE VERY SAME ONES I HASTEN TO ADD). And diamonds are ideal for this – both comforting and exciting, uplifting, life-enhancing, and most of all they deliver a sense of personal pleasure and the light of optimism. They’re also the ultimate neutral, they go with everything, and any occasion, can be worn day and night, and add instant joy and glamour. How fabulous to be able to dip into a jewel box and select dress-up, dress-down diamonds.

I might well mix antique and contemporary diamonds . . . but my first choice would be a Lili Bezel Set Sautoir – with fancy cuts, for casual opulence, nonchalant glamour, also very tactile, for when I’m watching TV. I’d team it with diamond earrings – there’s nothing like the light of diamonds to illuminate your eyes and complexion and make you feel happy. When people say, as they sometimes do, that they don’t wear jewelry, I persuade them to try on a pair of diamond earrings and see what they say then. I would choose either some antique, rose cut diamond earrings or small ASHOKA® drop earrings. And then if I’m meeting friends for a drink on Zoom, I would choose a diamond ring – I love the cushion pinstripe ring, or I might go for an antique cluster, a ring perhaps converted from an 18th century button, a floral cluster of rose-cut diamonds, for their soft, intriguing gleam. For me the ASHOKA® cut has that same lure of secrecy and intrigue that seems to beckon you close, to tell its story. And it’s just the kind of Christmas story I like  . . . "

Vivienne Becker

Jewelry historian, author, journalist and diamond lover


ASHOKA Lotus Ring