The Elizabeth Taylor sale at Christie's

I was able to see a  glimpse of what will be coming up at the Christie's auction of Liz Taylor's jewels, and it is spectacular!!! This is a collection of jewelery that is beyond belief, and every piece comes with a story. It is just amazing the beautiful collection she amassed over her lifetime. She was gifted jewelry by all of the men in her life, and there were many. There were gifts from Michael Jackson, and while I cannot say I loved every piece, it was still impressive to see.

This sale will bring such excitement to the jewelry and auction world like we have not seen since the Duchess of Windsor sale. Anyone who has the opportunity to see this collection must go and see it.

It is so amazing to see a collection of jewelry from names like Van Cleef and Arpels and Bulgari, to name a few, that were all owned by an actress. Today we see all of the actresses on the red carpet with jewlery that is borrowed and when the evening is over they have to give it all back. Liz must have had a huge vault in her home and she was able to go and admire all of her beautiful jewels whenever she wanted and not have to give it all back when the night was over. What a dream collection she had!!!