• The Ashoka Diamond Ring

    Pulled from the earth of an Indian mine centuries ago. Cut by an unknown artist of remarkable skill. Named for one of the most benevolent rulers the world has ever known. Ashoka.

    William Goldberg was more than merely dazzled by the Ashoka mystique. He was inspired by it, creating a cut so unique, so distinctive and original, it was granted its very own patent.

    The Ashoka Diamond Bracelet
  • Ashoka Diamond Ring

    It takes a special stone to create an ASHOKA® diamond. Fewer than one percent measure up to the exacting standards. The rough must be larger and longer than most. The cut has to be precise and true to the qualities of the stone. The polish must meet unparalleled standards of excellence. It can take six months for an ASHOKA® diamond to emerge from the rough.

    The ASHOKA® diamond is a stunning affirmation of William Goldberg’s vision – extraordinary, exquisite and filled with joy. So rare, that only a fortunate few will ever possess it. It is a diamond without equal.

    Learn more about this fascinating diamond and view the stunning ASHOKA® Collection at www.ashokadiamond.com

    Ashoka The Diamond Of Ledgend