Built on a handshake: New York’s Diamond District

The Diamond Makers 

Bill Goldberg

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The ‘80s was a decade of extremes. A time of “big hair” and big shoulder pads. Punk rock on the radio, Miami Vice on TV, and Top Gun at the movies.

New York City was a very different place then. And at its heart, the city’s Diamond District was growing, evolving and coming into its own – thanks to a remarkable group of people with vision, courage and a passion for the diamond business. They pushed old boundaries and changed the rules. They reimagined the industry and expanded its influence and importance. And they did it all on trust and a handshake.

Our father, the legendary diamantaire, William Goldberg, has often been called the father of New York’s Diamond District. His guidance and leadership helped shape the industry. And his contributions are still seen today.

Dealers Among Dealers, a film produced by Andy Cohen and Harvey Lieberman for GRFilms, Inc., is an intimate glimpse inside the fascinating world of the diamond business during this time. From the jewelry auction houses of Geneva, to the cutting rooms, showrooms and backrooms of New York City‘s Diamond District.  

It also gives a first-hand account of the creation of a world-class diamond. Starting with William and Saul Goldberg’s winning bid for the massive 255-carat rough, through the careful planning and effort that went into its cutting, to the final, dazzling conclusion – the spectacular 89.01 carat, D Flawless masterpiece, the Guinea Star.

Dealers Among Dealers captures a unique moment in the history of the New York diamond industry – a history that we are proud to have been a part of.  

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