A Rose Blossoms

This being June, we thought it was the perfect time to celebrate the recent marriage of our beautiful Rose, daughter of Saul and Dale Goldberg. We asked Rose to share her memories of that special day.

How did you and Josh first meet? We already knew each other because he and my brother Sam were friends. I hadn’t seen him in many years, and then on winter vacation in Nevis a few years ago, Sam ran into him at the spa in the hotel. That night we all met up at a beach bar, where we reconnected. 

Tell us your proposal story. It was my dad’s 60th birthday and we were all going out for dinner downtown. Josh told me he wanted me to meet a few of his coworkers first, who happened to be having a slice at Joe’s Pizza. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE pizza, especially Joe’s Pizza on Carmine Street in NYC. Josh proposed to me outside, on the sidewalk. He got down on one knee, and then they brought out a heart-shaped pizza. Both of our families were waiting around the corner to surprise us. Josh had also planned a surprise engagement party with all our close family and friends on the same night.

Rose's Wedding - Pizza Book

How did Josh decide on your ASHOKA diamond engagement ring? Did you give him any hints? Hints?! I told him point blank the ASHOKA diamond was my dream engagement ring. My parents knew too, so I wasn’t worried.

Rose Goldberg Wedding - ASHOKA Engagement Ring

Where and when was your wedding? December 17, 2016, in The Pierre Hotel in New York City.

Rose Goldberg Wedding Invitation

How did you choose your wedding venue? I’ve always loved The Pierre. It was where my parents were married 37 years ago. It is beautiful, and perfect for a wedding our size.

The Pierre NYC Wedding

Were your Mom and Dad very involved with the wedding planning decisions and details? Definitely. Especially my mom. I’ve been living in London for the past year and she was my eyes and ears on the ground in NYC. I could not have done it without her and our amazing wedding planner, Ellen Adelsberg.

Rose, Saul and Dale Goldberg - Wedding

Did you have any pre-wedding festivities? I had a bachelorette party weekend and a bridal shower. Because we followed the Jewish tradition of not seeing each other the week leading up to our wedding, we did not have a rehearsal dinner. My family and I hosted drinks in the hotel lobby for out-of-town guests, then we had a private Shabbat dinner.

Did you and Josh choose to do a “First Look”? If so, would you recommend it for other couples? We did. It is a special moment and I definitely recommend it.

Rose Golberg and Joshua Feinberg First Look - Wedding

Who designed your dream wedding dress? Monique Lhuillier. Fun fact: it was a corset and a skirt!

Rose Goldberg Wedding Dress

Did you incorporate the popular tradition: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? Absolutely! A gorgeous antique tiara that my Bubie (grandmother) lent me for the evening was my something old and something borrowed. My something new was my dress. My something blue was a very light blue diamond JAR ring that I wore. Next to my engagement ring, it is my favorite piece of jewelry.

Rose Goldberg and Joshua Feinberg Wedding

What ASHOKA diamond jewelry were you wearing throughout the evening? Any significance of the particular pieces you chose? I had considered changing dresses for the after party, but instead I went with changing my jewelry, and knew everything had to be ASHOKA. I wore custom ASHOKA earrings, an ASHOKA tennis bracelet and, of course, my engagement ring. I knew I was going to wear the tiara for the Badeken and ceremony, but I was very keen on wearing an ASHOKA necklace. I didn’t want them to detract from one another, so I took off the tiara after the ceremony and changed to the necklace. I had that specific necklace in mind for months, but it wasn’t until the day before the wedding that we knew it would work, and I was very thankful it did!

ASHOKA Diamond Jewelry - Rose Goldberg Wedding

What does the white robe symbolize that Josh wore during the ceremony? When we stepped under the chuppah (wedding canopy), Josh put on a kittel (white robe). Like my wedding gown, Josh’s white kittel symbolizes that on our wedding day, the holiest day of our lives, we are both pure before God, as two halves become one whole.

Rose Goldberg and Joshua Feinberg Wedding Ceremony

Your flowers were absolutely breathtaking! Who was your florist? Do you have a favorite flower? Thank you. Louis Konstantinos of Konstantinos Floral Decorators was phenomenal. And, no surprise, roses are my favorite.

Rose Goldberg Wedding - Konstantinos Floral Design

What song did you and Josh choose for your first dance? “All I Have To Do Is Dream” by the Everly Brothers, which was the song we heard on our first date.

Rose Goldberg and Joshua Feinberg Wedding - First Dance

What was your single most favorite moment on wedding day? They are endless! Having my Grandma, Grandpa and Bubie there was so special. Being surrounded by all of our loved ones and dancing the night away is something I’ll treasure forever.

What was the biggest surprise of the day? It had to be when Josh brought me a white rose at the Badeken, before he covered me with my veil. (The Badeken is a veiling ceremony that has its roots in the marriage of Jacob. He was deceived into marrying a veiled Leah instead of his true love, Rachel. It symbolizes that while physical attraction is important, a couple’s inner qualities are the foundation of marriage.)

Another huge surprise was the speech Josh gave that night. It made me fall even more in love with him!

Where did you and Josh go on your honeymoon? Was the destination a surprise, or did you plan it together? We went to the Maldives. We planned it together but he knew it was my dream to go on our honeymoon there, and to swim with whale sharks. And we were able to do both!

Rose Goldberg and Joshua Feinberg Honeymoon Maldives