How I Stay Fit

It's 7:08 am at Barry’s Boot Camp in TriBeCa. There are 35 twenty somethings texting, tweeting and chatting waiting for the class doors to open. I look around and feel pretty good about myself knowing I am twice the age of most of these young men and women and yet I will be keeping up with all of them for the next hour. 

Staying active and physically fit has always been a top priority for me (a little known fact: I was an aerobics instructor when I was living in Italy in the early 80s!). However, finding the right exercise regimen is a very personal thing. Throughout the years I have tried whatever was the latest boutique fitness trend in Manhattan, but it wasn’t until my first day at Barry’s Boot Camp that I knew I had found the right fit.

Barry’s is a grueling cross training class that I take 3-4 mornings a week. Friends who are yoga and spinning devotees often ask me what I like about Barry’s, and my answer is always the same: I love the sense of challenge that each class brings and the accomplishment I feel when it's over.

I think about my father a lot during my morning classes. He taught me never to quit; to always finish what I start. During the treadmill segments at Barry’s, I often hear the instructor read other people's speeds out loud: “10 mph, pick it up to 11.5!”. It’s hard not to get intimidated when I am running at level 8 (which is pretty fast as it is in my book!) but I keep at my pace and realize that with age comes a sense of knowing one’s own limitations and being okay with it. My father’s advice to never give up has always served me well no matter what I am doing...even at Barry’s Boot Camp!

After class, I head home to the most delicious breakfast of greek yogurt and fresh fruit prepared by my amazing husband, and then I am ready for my day at William Goldberg, my creative juices already flowing.