Another satisified Goldberg client!

R4966This was one of the best and funniest thank yous I have ever received from a satisfied client.........

"I have to start my thank you with a complaint: this William Goldberg  diamond ring is so stunning that I can't stop looking at it, which is distracting. I find that when I am supposed to be working I will be looking at the ring and moving my hand around to catch its light. Also, I find that other people, women in particular, are staring at the ring as well. Does this mean that they aren't paying attention to what I'm saying? Can I use this as a negotiating weapon? to hypnotize people?

So, despite these drawbacks....this old small town gal who was always anti bling, has metamorphed into a bling-o-phile!. For which I say, thank you!

If any of the above seems wierd to you, I have had a fever since Thursday, and am on Cipro. Becoming a bling-o-phile was not listed as one of the side effects on the blurb I got from CVS. May have to report it to the FDA...."