The Ashoka Diamond in Hong Kong

Just got back from a fantastic trip to Hong Kong, where I met with our Ashoka partners over at the Madia shops. There was such an enthusiasm for the Ashoka cut and an excitement for selling the Ashoka. Most people in that part of the world buy only round diamonds and had never heard of the Ashoka. Well, our good friends at Madia are changing that!!! They have the exclusivity to sell the Ashoka in Hong Kong and their clients come to them to find out more about this engaging and magnificent diamond. It is more brilliant than the classic emerald cut and shows up almost 50% larger- amazing!!! I walked into the Landmark mall and one of the first things I came across was a lifesize Ashoka advertisement at Madia. Such a beautiful image that is also seen on the William Goldberg website, showing the ring that was worn by Reese Witherspoon. They just love the fact that she received an Ashoka cut for her engagement. I had such a great time in HK with my new friends, and I look forward to seeing them again soon. They were so welcoming and  enthusiastic, it was just a magical trip!