Celebrities borrowing jewels

This is one of those topics I can talk about endlessly, and with the Oscars coming this weekend, and everyone focused on "who is wearing what" this is a hot topic.
I just read that Lindsay Lohan had borrowed a very expensive beaded gown for an event, and it ripped. She went ahead and borrowed a pair of scissors, and she and her friends cut the dress to a mini. Whoever loaned her the dress got back a frayed, cut up unsaleable rag. This designer who had hoped to get some great press having a Lindsay wear her design ended up with nothing. Although, she might be happy because this did end up becoming "news", so maybe at the end of the day even bad press is good press!
Anyway, my feeling is that these celebrities are constantly having expensive dresses and jewelry thrown at them, making them feel so entitled, so why would they treat the pieces with any respect? They need to feel that it is an honor to borrow our jewelry and they need to be very respectful of our property while it is in their hands. And the thing about jewelry is that although the big brand jewelry houses are loaning millions of dollars worth of jewelry compared with a dress of possibly a few thousand dollars, the jewelry is always an afterthought and rarely gets a mention! Is it really worth if for these jewelers to take the risk of loaning jewelry that might come back broken, mangled, or not get it back at all? I would like to see the day when celebrities own whatever they are wearing. Anybody remember Elizabeth Taylor? Never heard of her "borrowing " jewelry . She owned it all, and I would love to see more of that today. Beautiful, quality jewelry should be owned, kept in your jewelry box, admired, and passed down to the next generation. Here is a piece Liz would have loved.............