On Trend: Brown Diamonds

Eve Goldberg shares her thoughts on brown diamonds making a comeback.

Click here to read more from the Natural Diamond Council on this new trend in diamonds. 

Brown Diamonds Natural Diamond Council

Excerpt from the Natural Diamond Council:

One visionary diamantaire who recognized the unique beauty of brown diamonds decades ago was the pioneering William Goldberg. Indeed, he owned some of the world’s greatest diamonds, but chose to wear a brownish-orange pinky ring as his signature power piece; he was rarely seen without it. Turns out the diamonds are currently making a comeback with men’s pinky rings.

Today, more people want brown diamonds as alternatives to the traditional colorless diamonds, says Goldberg’s daughter, Eve Goldberg, who is also never without strands of easy-going diamond chains. “A lot of people today are looking for something different, something truly unique and love the warm tones of brown diamonds,” she says. Goldberg goes on to express how brown diamonds are an everyday accessory. “They are fun to design with because they are not as sparkly as white diamonds and can really be worn very casually. I have even seen some cool brown pendants worn on the beach!”