How to Build a Diamond Wardrobe

One thing I’ve learned in my many years in the diamond business: jewelry trends may come and go, but diamonds are always in style. They are timeless, tasteful, and appropriate no matter the occasion...truly a ‘must have’ for stylish women throughout the globe. 

That’s why I always encourage friends and clients to look at investing in diamonds the same way you would a ‘little black dress’, an essential piece of any woman’s closet. Just like the LBD, there are diamond jewelry basics that can go with anything, and transition you from day to night without missing a beat. 

Here are some tips for how you can build the perfect diamond wardrobe. It will not necessarily happen over night (or maybe it will!), but the suggestions below should certainly help your journey along the way.  

Diamond Studs

A classic pair of studs are the epitome of style and status. Some of us have been lucky enough to have received our first pair at a young age, many times ‘trading up’ as the years have gone on. More recently, I’ve been suggesting diamond studs on a wire for clients who still want that timeless look, but with a modern twist. They can be worn every day to the office with a basic pant suit, while you’re running around town in yoga pants, in a cozy sweater and pair of jeans on the weekend or for an evening out. And, once you trade-up for a bigger pair, diamond studs are the perfect thing to hand down to your daughter or any special young lady in your life. 

ASHOKA® by William Goldberg Dormeuse Earrings

Diamond Chain

For me, it’s all about the diamond chain. My signature piece of diamond jewelry is a 46 inch diamond chain with an assortment of diamond shapes and cuts - pear, heart, cushion, oval, and ASHOKA®, of course. I wear this all the time, every day, no matter what I have on. 

William Goldberg Lili Chain 

The greatest thing about diamond chains (you can opt for one more basic than what I wear) are their versatility; they can be worn long, short, and even wrapped around your wrist. In my opinion, diamond chains are an absolute must. 

Diamond Hoops

For more of an evening look, I love a big pair of statement diamond hoops. Once again, the ASHOKA® diamond hoops are my favorite go to earring. They give the simplest of  wardrobe looks an immediate ‘wow’ factor, and at the same time are tailored enough to compliment outfits that push conventional fashion limits. 

ASHOKA® by William Goldberg Large Hoop Earrings