Chanukah on William Goldberg Way

Everybody loves to come to Rockefeller Center to see the beautiful Christmas tree, and it is a sight to behold, but a Menorah can really be a work of art. The menorah is not only a thing of beauty with its seven branched candelabra, but the “festival of lights” has a beautiful significance as well. It is the celebration of triumph of light over darkness, of purity over adulteration, and of spirituality over materialism.

On Fifth Avenue, overlooking William Goldberg Way is one of the most beautiful sights on Fifth Avenue. When William Goldberg moved to this location on Fifth Avenue, he promised that he would put up the biggest and most beautiful menorah on any terrace in New York City. That menorah has been there every December since 1990 when my father commissioned an artist to create this menorah.

Today, as his family, we light this meaningful Menorah overlooking Fifth Avenue and we smile knowing how proud he would have been to know we are keeping his legacy alive.
And here it is.....................