$46 million for a pink diamond

Sotheby's set a record price for a pink diamond this week! We have seen and sold some amazing pink diamonds in the history of William Goldberg, but this one was a stone you see once in a lifetime if you are lucky! A 24 carat pink, "rose' " (as in a rose' wine) is how it has been described. $46 million dollars. It is nice to see that not only artwork can be sold in that realm, but that a diamond, which is the ultimate gift of luxury, can be included in that stratosphere.

We have a fantastic 10 carat pink diamond ring in our inventory that is just spectacular. (pictured here) It is such a special piece, so sexy and beautiful and rare! Colored diamonds are very in demand today, because of the rarity factor, and of course for their beauty. For those who already have their white diamond ring and want to add to their jewelry wardrobe, a yellow, or pink, blue, or even orange diamond, is fantastic. And the color does not need to be pure, but can have tinges of other colors in it. For instance, a brownish pink diamond in a great shape set in  a fun ring can be special and not be as expensive as a pure pink diamond. There is so much fun that you can have with colored diamonds.

Here is a great example. This trilogy ring set in pink gold has a grayish green cushion cut in the center flanked by two light pink pearshapes. It is a fantastic piece of jewelry, fun and playful, and so in fashion. I absolutely love the feel of this ring on the finger. Cannot wait to get it on the hand of someone who will appreciate the beauty of it!