At William Goldberg, few moments create a thrill quite like the one that comes when one of our signature jewelry pieces is listed for sale at one of the world’s great auction houses. Christie’s. Bonhams. Tiancheng. These names stir the imagination, and having William Goldberg jewelry featured by them is… Read More

Some things were meant to be. We have been friends with the Kwiat family for decades. So when Ben Goldberg and Russell Kwiat (the third and fourth generations of our families) reconnected, it was only natural that a beautiful new alliance was formed. Because we share more than a friendship… Read More

Whether set into the crown of the world’s most famous monarch, or suspended at the end of a magnificent diamond necklace, a briolette diamond commands attention. Created in India centuries ago, the briolette shape is a modified double-rose cut, with a pointed tip and rounded bottom. Its water-drop shape is… Read More

The name sounds like it belongs to a superhero. Instead, it belongs to a diamond of legendary and heroic stature.  The Red Shield. Just as every superhero has a backstory that explains the origin of their super powers, so too does the Red Shield. Unearthed in the jungles of Brazil,… Read More

Next month’s sale of the “Lesedi La Rona,” the second largest diamond ever discovered, has the whole diamond world buzzing. Roughly the size of a tennis ball, it is so large that it doesn’t fit into the conventional scanners used to evaluate a gem’s value. One can only speculate on… Read More

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