The Diamond Makers  Click here to watch Dealers Among Dealers on Amazon Prime The ‘80s was a decade of extremes. A time of “big hair” and big shoulder pads. Punk rock on the radio, Miami Vice on TV, and Top Gun at the movies. New York City was a very different place then. And… Read More

Famous diamonds almost always come with a story. Our proprietary diamond cut, the ASHOKA®, is no exception. Rahul Kadakia, the international head of jewelry at Christie’s, has called it “a legend in the world of diamonds, named in honor of Ashoka Maurya, the Buddhist warrior emperor who ruled during one… Read More

Wonderful news. We are excited and proud to announce that Wempe, one of the world’s premier jewelers, is officially the exclusive retail partner throughout Germany for ASHOKA®. But that’s just the headline. The real story lies in the values, beliefs and friendships shared by two families. Families with strong, confident… Read More

We are honored to be featured in the June issue of Telegraph Luxury with our longtime partner Boodles, exclusive U.K. distributor of our proprietary ASHOKA® diamond. Our master cutter William Lopez, who has been with our family’s company for over 25 years, is featured in this wonderful article. William cuts thousands… Read More

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