Artistic Jewelry Design: Where Innovation Meets Fashion

Classic styles always have been, and always will be, the most popular jewelry design. Some of the current trends in jewelry are based on looks that are hundreds of years old. They are popular because they work, blending aesthetics and form to create looks that both flatter and excite the wearer. Other jewelry design trends are much more contemporary. These modern and innovative designs are often fun, playful takes on a traditional media. They combine art and fashion, creating dazzling pieces that stand out in any woman’s jewelry collection.

Such state-of-the-art jewelry designs are taking over Manhattan this May, with the arrival of ‘Innovation and Craftsmanship in Metal: Jewelry Artists of Quebec’. This show brings the very best of modern jewelry creation and metalwork to the US, and it features designs that are truly amazing. The fourteen men and women featured in this show are the very best that Quebec has to offer. These artisans are highly sought-after designers in their home city, and are now bringing their designs for this highly anticipated New York exhibit.

Most of the artistic jewelry showcased at the event doesn’t feature diamonds, leaning instead towards colored stones and intricate metalwork. The designs run from simple and elegant to elaborately structured. The featured pieces are more than just jewelry; they are highly detailed works of art. Each one is an original; there are no reproductions for the pieces shown at this event.

Artists at this exhibition include Claudio Pino, Antonio Serafino, Barbara Stutman, Lynn Legare, Janic Kerman, Annegret Morf, Roland Dubuc and Pierre Yves-Paquette, amongst others. Each artist brings his or her own personal style to the jewelry they create. Barbara Stutman crochets thin strands of gold, silver and fine, colored wires, looping them and folding them over to sculpt beautiful designs. Her work is inspired by her grandmother (who first taught her how to knit and crochet) and by her interpretations of the world around her. Janis Kerman, who creates simple, elegant geometric pieces from precious metals and gemstones,  is inspired by modern art and architecture. Claudio Pino gets his inspiration for his designs from technology and the personal relationship people develop with the jewelry they wear. Pino is most known for his ring designs (pictured on the right), creating styles with stone sets that follow the movement of the wearer.

The exhibit opens on May 3rd, 2012, at the Aaron Faber Gallery in New York. The Aaron Faber Gallery regularly hosts artistic designer jewelry exhibits, with an emphasis on contemporary studio jewelry and vintage designs. It runs throughout the month of May, with the exhibit open for both trade jewelers and the public during gallery hours.

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