• Perhaps it was destiny. William Goldberg was born on Tiffany Street in the Bronx, on December 22, 1925. His parents owned a small candy shop, but somehow managed to find the $250 required for their son to begin his apprenticeship as a diamond cutter. Young William soon realized he was not destined to be a cutter. Instead, he discovered that he had a true talent for discerning how to bring out the most beauty in a diamond. He understood, “The magic is in the make.™” It was a remarkable skill that served him well throughout his career.

    Over the ensuing decades, William Goldberg became synonymous with the most spectacular diamonds in the world. His company had the honor of shaping some of history’s most famous diamonds, including the 137 carat D Flawless Premier Rose and the 102 carat D Flawless Beluga.

  • William Goldberg

    Throughout his life, William loved the joy that beautiful diamonds brought to people. Sewn into all his bespoke suits was a small, hidden pocket to stash secret gemstones, which he revealed at unexpected moments to bring sudden delight to gatherings.

    William Goldberg’s contributions to the industry he loved were so significant and lasting that in 2006, East 48th Street, in the heart of Manhattan’s diamond district, was renamed William Goldberg Way.

    William Goldberg Way and 5th Ave William Goldberg Way and 5th Ave